Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's Happening in and Around the South Bronx Food Co-op!?

South Bronx Food and Film Expo December 5th
Free event, with food! 

Teen Health Fair this Friday 
The co-op is sponsoring (with Health Corps) a health fair for
teenagers this Friday from 10:30 - 12:30 am. The fair will be at the
Urban Assembly School, 701 St. Anns Ave.

Help Needed!
We are looking for someone to donate (or put on extended loan) a small table and some chairs to provide a bit of sitting room for members to enjoy a cup of coffee or have lunch.  We will change the orientation of the juice bar so that it faces the front window and frees up some space in the store for this.  If anyone has a chair or a card table or something that might work, send Lily an email

We are also looking for someone to donate a juicer to make our Juice Bar dreams come to fruition! If you have a spare or one that you don't use anymore let Lily know and we can arrange to pick it up.  Thanks!

Taggin it up
Come check out the painting in progress this Sunday afternoon.  Our artist will be in continuing to work on the walls, adding some Bronx flava to the Co-op.

If you CAN stand the Calor in the Cocina
The next cooking class will be January 6th at La Casa de Felicidad Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
and check out this video of one of the classes:

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