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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fresh, Organic Produce Just In - 12/10/2009!!

Organic Cauliflower $2.39/each
Organic Mini tomatoes on the vine $3.09/carton
Organic Limes $2.99/lb
Organic cucumbers $1.49/lb
Organic red leaf lettuce $1.79/each
Organic Lemons $1.59/lb
Organic Lemon bag $3.19/each
Organic butternut squash $.99/lb
Organic green peppers $1.49/lb
NEW! Organic Portobello Mushrooms $4.79/lb

Still in stock:
Organic Celery
Organic Jumbo Carrots
Non-OG Oranges
OG Gala apples
Non- OG Bananas
OG red potatoes
non-OG Onions
non-OG baking potatoes
non-og Pears
OG Sweet potatoes
OG Garlic

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